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UR historian Timothy Nunan reflects on a month in Ann Arbor and how it enriched his research on Shi’a Islamist transformations of the world in the late 1970s.

How did participatory remembrance of the Great Terror, from family memory to civil society endeavours, fit in Moscow’s urban and mnemonic landscape shortly before the war against Ukraine? This photo essay offers moving insights

How did the attractiveness of the Mormon embodiment of US utopian, spiritual and material ideals shift in the turbulent realities of post-Soviet Russia? U Georgia historian Joseph Kellner investigates

Revisiting her fieldwork at a Russian memorial site, the author offers autoethnographic reflections on moving away from imposing academic authority towards the common production of knowledge alongside subjects

Sasha Shestakova explores intersections of climate change, extractivism and the destruction of indigenous cultures in Russia’s Far North, querying human/nature and North/South binaries while tracing colonialism’s long-term legacies.