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This piece considers how turning to Central and Eastern European firms can encourage rethinking traditional theories of international business, including divisions of emerging and developed markets.

UR historian Timothy Nunan reflects on a month in Ann Arbor and how it enriched his research on Shi’a Islamist transformations of the world in the late 1970s.

Learn more about the multiscalar and reflexive approaches to the contested concept of sovereignty developed in this 2021 workshop

Ulf Brunnbauer takes us on a journey from the Adriatic to the Pacific, tracing the interconnections of human, environmental and animal actors who shape the global history of capitalism on multiple scales

What can multiscalar area studies tell us about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world? Read more in this report

Must Germany be studied as a nation-state? Or could it be viewed as an area, through lenses positioned on the inside and outside? How does the Nazi past affect the analytical and conceptual frameworks open to researchers today? Marcus Hahn and Frederic Ponten discuss their efforts to reconfigure German studies as transregional or trans-imperial area studies with Tamara Heger.