We welcome contributions that fit the thematic, geographic and interdisciplinary profile of this blog/journal. As a multimedia platform, we offer a variety of formats for contribution – from classic scholarly essays and shorter notes to audio, video and photographic materials. Alongside research-related pieces, we are happy to publish interviews with experts, researchers and policymakers, short opinion pieces on current events, and discussions with authors of recent books.

If you would like to contribute to Frictions, please contact the editorial board at in English or German. We are happy to take general enquiries and proposals for contributions. When suggesting an idea, please state which format – Essays, Notes or Debates – you consider most suitable; outline the themes your contribution will address; and mention your current status/institution. Please also give a rough estimate of when you envisage completing your contribution.

We also welcome pitches for interviews, proposals for discussions of new books, exhibitions etc., or suggestions for book reviews. For Essays you are welcome to send an abstract. Essays will be subject to peer-review.

All written contributions will be proofread by native speakers of English or German. Either in text references (Author Date) or footnotes are welcome for references. Please use US-English spellings or standard German according to the Rechtschreibung.