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How were efforts to secure US and Polish-Lithuanian independence linked in the Age of Atlantic revolution? And in what ways were attempts to free slaves and emancipate peasants connected? Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski takes us on a transatlantic journey with Tadeusz Kościuszko at the helm

Was a kosher butcher with a US passport in small-town Croatia part of an international human trafficking ring? Or was he really enjoying the healthy waters? Ulf Brunnbauer explores a life story to consider migration, border and identity regimes in modern Europe and the Americas.

Conspiracy theories are often in the (fake) news today. Although they are closer to fiction than reality, Chloé Chaudet, a recent visiting researcher at the ScienceCampus, shows that cultural and literary studies lack the tools to develop a transmedial narratology of conspiracy discourses which could investigate them in their historical and transatlantic dimensions.